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December 30th, 2007 at 10:38 pm by Kobaz in Personal

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New Years Resolutions

December 19th, 2007 at 12:08 am by Kobaz in Misc

I didn’t have any last year.  Or the year before that.  I don’t think I’ve made any in a while actually.  I think I’ll try out this New Years resolution thing.

So here goes the plan in no particular order:

1) Read daily

I am so behind in everything it’s not even funny.  I have a free subscription to Backpacker and Outside.  I read a few pages a week, it’s pathetic.  I also pay for a subscription to Alpinist, I’m behind about 10 issues now.  I need to get crackin.

2) Get 8+ hours of sleep daily

I really try to get to sleep early, but it doesn’t always work. If I have a solid goal, a personal rule for it, then I’ll actually be able to get some decent sleep on a consistent basis.

3) No junk food at all

My brother made it this whole year so far, I figure I might as well start doing that too.  I’ve been actually really good about eating good stuff the past few years.  Although I do have a piece of cake or a cookie or two on occasion.  Sure they are tasty, but the tastyness is just temporary, and there’s healthier stuff that’s quite tasty too.

4) Eat organic for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as often as possible.

It’s just so terrible that even the pretty healthy stuff in the regular food isles has crap like our favorite High Fructose Corn Syrup.  I’m going to make an honest effort to get some tasty organic stuff to chow down on next year.

5) Climb 5.11 consistantly.

This one is going to be a tough one.  As more and more things are revving up at the job, I’m having less and less free time. Hopefully I can continue to code like a monkey and automate a lot of the stuff that takes up my time.

6) Try not to spend too much.

This has been a goal since I’ve been back home off the trail.  So far it’s worked out realy well and I’ve been saving a bunch.  Christmas and winter is a bit tough though and I couldn’t quite keep the spending low for this month.  I got myself skiis, and a down jacket, and new boots.  And since my job is all about phone systems, I couldn’t resist getting 3 new voip phones for playing around at home.

7) Buy a house.

My brother and I have been talking about getting into real estate for a long time now.  We’ve been doing tons of research, learning a whole lot and getting rather interested in finally putting our skills to the test.  Sometime around spring/early summer will probably be the time we start the process.  This goal pretty much goes hand in hand with the previous,  The more we save, the easier it will be to get the whole house thing going.

8) Find a female adventure companion.

This is always an item on the burner, but… if you make it a formal goal it’s more likely to happen.

Winter Fun

December 17th, 2007 at 1:58 am by Kobaz in Activities

The snow commeth.

Two weekends ago was supposed to be our Mount Marcy extravaganza, I got sick on Wednesday the 5th and didn’t recover until the following Monday.  The trip was off.  A friend of mine told me about a movie that was playing at the Palace Theater in Albany.  It was a Warren Miller movie about extreme skiing.  The ticket price of 22 bucks included 6 free lift tickets to local ski resorts, not bad.

I went skiing for the first time this last weekend at Jimminey Peak in Mass. My brother, myself, a friend, and his friend came along.  We had all went to the movie the week before and got our free lift tickets, schweet.  Mike (he works on the same floor as me and my brother), took us to the newbie slope.  He concluded that we could skip the bunny slope since we were doing fine on the slightly larger one that was next to it.  We did that a few times and then headed over to the novice run.  We did that a bunch of times and then mike convinced us to go to the top of the mountain and do an intermediate.  That wasn’t too bad, only wiped out like 10 times, but we made it.  I went again to the top but my brother stayed at the bottom since he was getting a bit beat up and sore.  I didn’t wipe out as much, and I’m slowly getting a little better.  Skiing is really addicting, I’m itching to go again and make good use out of our free tickets.

We got a snow blower finally, it made the task of shoveling snow out of the driveway much quicker and easier (duh).  It was really surprising how much quicker.  The foot and a half or so that dumped on us was quickly cleared out in about an hour and a half as opposed to the usual three hours plus or minus that it would usually take us.

It’s almost Christmas and it makes me want to be in a relationship.  It’s just so nice to have someone to share it with.  Winter brings on those cravings for some cuddling in front of a fireplace, but alas.  I started talking to a girl who seemed to be Cindi’s twin I swear. First year English teacher, vegan, outdoorsy, likes celtic and folk, and all that.  It seemed to be going good and then she stopped talking to me.  Recently there was the mountaineer, ice climbing, rock climbing, super adventurous girl who seemed like the perfect match.  She also no longer talks to me either.  I don’t get it.  Why does it seem like they just drop off the face of the earth when everything starts to go so well.  I find myself missing Cindi.  Hopefully she’ll have some time over winter break to hang out for a day.

Work is going insane.  We have so many pending deals it’s crazy.  We have been going at an incredible rate for the last few months, and this last week we just picked it up a notch.  Once the deals go through we can hire someone new to take some load off.  I’m not sure if we will be able to handle all the new stuff otherwise.