Random Musings

January 26th, 2008 at 6:31 pm by Kobaz in Activities

Today was part one of the wilderness first aid certification.  We started at 9am, had a break for lunch, and ended at 5pm.  The next part is tomorrow and it’s just as long.  We did some really cool stuff.  Even after only a few hours, I feel like if someone on a trip in my group got hurt, I could really make a difference.  Good stuff…  When we move to Colorado, I’ll probably go for wilderness first responder and wilderness medical technician and do some part time s&r.

Work is nuts as usual.  I’m making time to go to the gym and play racketball again.  Monday and Friday for the gym, Tuesday and Thursday for racketball, wednesday for bouldering at the rpi gym,and then the juggling club after that.  Full schedule again.  It’s no wonder I have no social life.

All’s well that ends well, off to get some dinner.