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It’s been a bit of a while since I wrote last.  I figured I should write something.  The job is going well.  I’m always really busy.  I try and not stay at the office too long, but it hardly ever works out that way.

I’ve had this window open in my browser with the above paragraph for about two weeks now.  About once a week I go on a tab closing mission and axe out tabs that I’m done with.  So I came up to this tab and figured I might as well finish and post this entry.

Recent dates…  History Girl:  Met online.  I took her to the gym on a weekend.  She’s really into historical stuff and over chinese food we talked about how awesome the Tudors is.  I think we’re fairly compatible, but there’s just no chemistry.  Spunky Girl:  We met online.  She found me actually  We met up at the Troy farmers market after work.  She gave me some peaches and we talked about some random things.  I did a hike in the Adirondacks with her and a bunch of her friends and my friends.  During the hike I got the feeling we were in friend mode rather than date mode.  Later that week, friend mode was confirmed.  Doh.
Upcoming dates:  Teacher Girl, Pilot Girl, and possibly RPI girl.

The job is getting a little nutty.  Only myself, my brother, and our north east sales guy understand what needs to be done with the company direction.  The president has these great ideas for nifty projects, but that’s all they are.  We wind up working on productizing these pet projects rather than working on our core system.  He wants us to spend time on things we’re not going to make money on.  We have our main products that are half completed and are slated to be installed at customer sites, but yet the vp of sales and the president want pure sillyness.  The only way we can get anything done that needs to get done is to just ignore their requests.

What tends to happen is… 1) “great” idea emerges. 2) writing a “demo” is proposed.  3) everyone (except me and my brother) then want the “demo” to have all the features of a full-fledged product.  4) we work hours and hours on the “demo” 5) we miss deadlines on *very* important projects 6) customers get pissed off.

This is no way to run a business. The next phase is to basically say “sorry, but this demo is all we’re going to have time for”.  “We *can* work on the demo more, but then *you* will have to explain to the customer why we missed their deadline”.  I think that should shake some cages.

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