Poor snow

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There goes the snow… do do do doooo (to the tune of “There Goes the Sun”).  It’s like the weather decided to say “hey, I’m tired of winter, no more snow for you!”.  A week of rain on the prediction.  Oh well, at least we got to ski on the last good day, which was 3 days ago.  My brother and I tried out snowboarding too.  Lots of falling… much more falling then learning to ski three years ago.  I’m completely sore all over, my shoulders, back, my forearms, and all the little muscles around them.

I set up FreeBSD the other day, and I’m playing with ZFS.  It’s really really really awesome.  Whenever I get around to getting some more drives, I’m gonna convert cartman to be FreeBSD and ZFS rather than the LVM over RAID-1 that I have now.  ZFS is way more easy to manage and it has checksums of all blocks, online scrubbing, and best of all online storage expansion.  Probably by the next FreeBSD release they’ll have the deduplication support that’s in the Sun version as well.

I used FreeBSD back in the day (version 3.3 roundabouts). I was always annoyed at all the compiling that was needed to set up packages.  Upon rereading some papers on the FreeBSD way, and why they do things the way they do, I’ve come to appreciate the reasonings behind many of the design choices.  Linux has come a long way in the last 10 years but FreeBSD still has a bunch of cool stuff that Linux lacks out of the box… like jails and ZFS.  Cool stuff.

So what’s there to do on a rainy Saturday morning?  Putz with the snowblower carburetor, make chocolate chip cookies, and write some unit tests I suppose.

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