Some new years resolutions

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Lets see how the last-last-last…. year’s resolutions went

Old ones revisited:

1) Read daily
Totally blew this one if you’re counting paper books. I read slashdot daily… does that count? I’ll keep this as a resolution for 2012… I do have some very cool sounding books on my shelf I should dig into.

2) Get 8+ hours of sleep daily
Did pretty good on this one.

3) No junk food at all
So far no soda in at least 5 years. I’ve had an occasional chocolate chip cookie and maybe some cake here and there. I’ve not eaten any junk food as a snack in at least two years. Two points so far.

4) Eat organic for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as often as possible.
Does kashi count? I should try being somewhat gluten free… my energy levels really tank at the office during the day sometimes. No points for this one.

5) Climb 5.11 consistently.
This one is coming along quite nicely. I seriously stagnated in my climbing while living in PA. I stagnated going to Rocksport as well. Now that there’s The Edge, a fantastic rock gym near by, my climbing is improving again… climbing solid gym v5 at the moment. Some 5.11 gym leads in there. Definitely heading in a good direction. It seems a point is in order.

6) Try not to spend too much.
Did pretty good on this one. No fancy toys, no expensive power tools. Point!

7) Buy a house.
It’s in the works… we’ll see how the building inspection comes through in a week. Temporary point.

8) Find a female adventure companion.
Several dates, some hikes, so far nothing serious but there is potential in the works!

5 out of 8 isn’t too bad.

New resolutions:

1) The above items for which I’ve received no points!
1a) Read Daily
1b) Organic/Freerange eating
1c) Female adventure companion!

2) Climb 5.12 consistently?
Gotta have something to shoot for

3) Practice guitar and juggle way more often
Definitely been slacking on these

4) Lots of climbing and bouldering outside
I did quite a number of climbing trips in 2011, need to fit bouldering in there too.

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